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One string of stimuli consisted of single letters whereas the other consisted of individual spatial locations marked on a screen.The task was to decide for each string whether the current stimulus matched the one that was presented decremented by one item.Carpenter (1) have proposed that the ability to abstract relations and to maintain a large set of possible goals in working memory accounts for individual differences in tasks such as the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices test, and therefore in tasks because one can speed performance by maintaining more goals in mind at once to foster selection among representations.Therefore, after training working memory, participants should be able to come up with more correct solutions within the given time limit of our speeded version of the was not directly related to either preexisting individual differences in working memory capacity or to the gain in working memory capacity as measured by simple or complex spans, or even, by the specific training effect itself.So, it seems that there is some potential for transfer after training on working memory.To investigate whether training on working memory leads to transfer to , we conducted four individual experiments all using a newly developed training paradigm consisting of a very demanding working memory task, illustrated in Fig. In this task, participants saw two series of stimuli that were synchronously presented at the rate of 3 s per stimulus.

As such, it engages -back” task, engages multiple executive processes, including ones required to inhibit irrelevant items, ones required to monitor ongoing performance, ones required to manage two tasks simultaneously, and ones required to update representations in memory.Therefore, it seems that the training-related gain on are picking up other cognitive skills as well, and perhaps the training is having an effect on these skills even if measures of capacity are not sensitive to them.One example might be multiple-task management skills. Our measures of working memory capacity, by contrast, index capacity only for simpler working memory tasks that are not so demanding of multiple-task management skills.The reason for a common capacity limitation is assumed to lie in the common demand for attention when temporary binding processes are taking place to form representations in reasoning tasks (22).Other authors came to a related conclusion, stating that in that both seem to rely on similar neural networks, most consistently located in lateral prefrontal and parietal cortices (23, 25).

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This ability would come about because the constant updating of memory representations with the presentation of each new stimulus requires the engagement of mechanisms to shift attention.