Driver updating software reviews

Posted by / 15-Nov-2016 03:32

Driver updating software reviews

Even if a driver-updating tool worked perfectly and the company behind it didn’t seem unbelievably sleazy, they wouldn’t be worth your time — much less your money. We’ve seen advertisements for a “Driver Update Utility” from all over the place recently.

This is usually a bad sign — we also see ads for PC cleaners, registry cleaners, game boosters, and all sorts of other utilities that don’t actually do anything besides try to make money from you and install garbage onto your PC.

We installed this software so you don’t have to — really, don’t try this at home. it will scan your computer for drivers for free, and then you can pay to receive free automatic driver updates for a year. The program starts out claiming to be by a “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.” This doesn’t actually mean Microsoft has placed their stamp of approval on this utility.

There’s no possible way we have “ancient” drivers from 2006 installed.I find it real interesting that 3 different "Top 10" or "Best of" don't include the majority of the same software packages.Don't expect them to all have the same top 3 but one lists top 3 I would expect to be included in the other lists somewhere.For just a few hundred more dollars, you can have them fixed!It’s basically just the Windows tech support phone call scam, but they’re only going after people who have already proven they’ll spend money for questionable software.

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If you try to update your drivers, you’re told that the installed drivers “can cause problems, system slowdowns and bluescreen errors.” This is technically true, but very unlikely.