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Fremont married Annie Stanfer and had two children. Her father was a conductor on the Memphis and Charleston railroad and was killed on the sami in Deca- ter, Ala. James, of the above family, married Mary Redintjer in 1850 and to this union four child- ren were born as follows: Fremont, Harvey, Crilly and Emma. She died in 1S73, at the age of fourteen, of Small Pox. GEKEALOGY COLLECTION 3 1833 01283 3668 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center OOhigh H A W R T H^ RECORD J ^, . - fi| r;^ MAI; This rare periodical published by Charles B. A little trctk ij which flow eil ihroujjh his farm » a;, harnes.-eil aiul maile to yie Ul itpo«er for that purpose. cut from the .rock aiul all piobally done with his own hands. The old house has been unoccupied since 1S99 and is fast g,,ing to decay. have passed over death's dark river; but the old house still stand, like a lone sentinel keeping watch over the sacred memories of the past; pointing with an unerring lin- ger back through the lapse of lleeting years to the moment «lu-n ilparscly bculc.l jik I niillini; (acili- ^^ ties liein;; po Df it liccame fviilcnl lo Micajah lliat a small j' mill uoivl U iirove of much value to him. went to Alabama when twenty years of age and married Marie Ella Harris, of Larkinville. Her grandfather Hall went to Alabama during the Civil war and brought her home with him, her parents bath being dead. 4, 1S64 and had live children: Annettie born Feb 17, l St)5; died Aug 14, 187") Olive B. Cjra, of the above family, married Harry Davis, of Cleveland, Ohio.

I want letters from all members of the family who can tell us any- thingr of interest. Stephanus, a brother uf James and George, was then living on the Opekon river in Virginia. Micajah and George, two sons of Stephanus, emigrated southward into North Carolina, stop- ping for a short while in lioone's settlement on the Vadkin, probably with their uncles, James and George.

May z Suaaonah Hitchcock, of Rowa 1 John I-:awcr: •• Jan.

Crilly married James Zimmerman and had one child, Emma, who married and moved to Pennsylvania.

Caswell in two tracts consisting of 250 and 200 acre.s each bearing dateof Oct. One poplar log in the wall of the old house was used by the b.for a bow and arrow target an.l today shows the edeci of their well directed arrows.

Micajah's land, situated in the eastern part of Kowan county near the line of Guilford, was granted to him by Gov. The bcgining of the plan by Henry Davis reads as follow,! Karly in the year 1787 a h.g house was erected on this land, and lo-.lay, after n lapse of one hundred and nineteen years is still standing, having been moved perhaps forty yards from the place where it originally stoo.l.

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Susannah Jr married Jerry Longnecker and went to Kansas, in 18i.4.

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