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The power of still photography is People look at pictures first, and if they like it, the image will stick in their mind for a long time.When there are many options (which is the case on the internet), quality of still photography is the key.In other words, a personality photo is a tool you can use to maximize the power of your online media, including Facebook, blog, and email newsletters.Today’s audience trusts natural, authentic image of an ordinary person, rather than overly polished, dramatic image of a perfect looking person.The challenge is that a lot of people have a mental switch to turn off their personality in front of a camera.Try to take a selfie, and you’ll realize every picture looks the same or at least awkward.

Our personality photo products emerged from my experience as a creative commercial photographer, with the coaching techniques developed for real people (not models or actors) for headshots and online dating profile pictures.

Age ranges from the 20s to 60s, with a very wide range of dating experience level.

Many work for a corporate job or own their business but realizing they are missing something.

Even if you are proud of your career, business suit probably does not represent the kind of life you want.

Over-dressing or try to look glamourous may help you increase the number of messages you get, but the quality of the messages go down.

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