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Russian xxxcht

She intoned, with dramatic fervor; "The Future of Scldon's Dan, "The Foundation's past history is, I am sure, .well-known to all of us who have had the good fortune to be educated in our planet's efficient and well -starred school system. That would start tilings off right with Miss Erlking, that mean old hag r ) That past history Is largely the past history of the great Plan of Hari Seldon.

But just the same she had to get it right, so she sat up straight in her chair t placed her first draft before her in businesslike fashion, and be- gan again, crisply and clearly ; her abdomen flat, her chest lifted, and her breathing carefully controlled.

If 1 have a secret, I don't put tape over mi- llionth and let everyone know I have [i .secret.

I talk just as much as usual, only about something else.

" "Because you advertise what you're trying to hide, silly.

It will spell and punctuate correctly according to the sense of the sentence.

But her face smoothed out of its vexation, nevertheless, and her wide, little mouth stretched into a self- satisfied smtle. the class who has the slightest pre- tensions to being anybody has one. drips would use hand machines—" The salesman had said : "There is no other model as compact on the ASTOU NTDIKG SCIENCE-FICTION one hand and as adaptable On the other.

Ml, OFF NOVEMBER 1949 25 CENTS Stt-ft OHTHS SUBSCRIPT"* TO MR ™ Ml SI Hart 1 » » » _ vi B «,n i«n«- 1ho very *«• Si Ow 1 "*** ™ every m°fifrl AIR TRAILS P. It was possible for them to realize that, left to it- self the Empire would break up, and that thereafter there would be . AND NOW YOU DON'T 7 at least thirty thousand years of anarchic eliaos prior to the estab- lishment of a new Empire.

He re a my □ check □ money aider (Indicate which Oft*) for SI -00 for a special a Lx month liial subsnip- i Lon tc Air Trails* J I^O^IS i i rr f PFM - *«k iuiii JJJ uju hikin ^^^^DBflf . Oh, well, the machine couldn't very well be wrong—) he and the men who worked with him were able to foretell the course of the great social and economic currents sweeping the Galaxy at the time.

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Miss Erlking always had those large, ugly red-pencil scrawl 55 that went: 'But til is is only descriptive- What are your personal reactions? There arc no longer dissident worlds of inde- pendent Traders; no longer the in- justices and dislocations that accom- panied accumulations of great wealth in the hands of a few.