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Sometimes the noise is overwhelming, with doors banging, arguments raging on and “sex sounds”.

And, as if the smell of cigarette smoke hanging heavy in the air was not bad enough, there have been people rolling and smoking joints in the kitchen that every resident in this wholly inadequate emergency accommodation has to share.

She is uncertain of her income each month since she found herself in debt because of delays and errors in universal credit and an advance payment that she desperately needed to take just to be able to feed her children.

The unexpected deficit in her income meant that Mary’s rent went underpaid – marking the first time she had been in arrears in the six years she has been a social housing tenant.

Hunger, anxiety, shame: the universal credit ‘catastrophe’ is hitting lone parents hardest of all.

Emily Goddard meets mothers facing a grim Christmas.

I really don’t know what’s going to happen.” The pressure of the situation is also having a dire effect on Lily’s health.

In a report produced alongside Southwark Council, the document found that after 20 weeks of transferring from the legacy benefit system to universal credit the average tenant had £156 of arrears.She feels her ethnicity can “limit” her and her licence to demand what she is justly due and so desperately needs.“I feel like I don’t have a voice, it limits me,” Lily says.“My daughter keeps saying, ‘Mummy, we can’t live here.I miss where we used to live, I miss that place’,” Lily says.

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Every day the 39-year-old returns from working her two low-pay, part-time jobs with her daughter to this room, which contains two single beds.