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Although men can sign up for it, the app is exclusive to women.

The creators are able to curate a group of “sophisticated black professionals” with detailed profiles by requiring users to also link their Linked In profiles to their MELD account.

If Simove likes you back, the site opens up a dialogue between the two parties.

Simove has cobbled together a reputation for publicity stunts, including changing his name to “God,” designing the “Control-A-Woman” remote, and publishing a “Fifty Shades of Gray” book comprised of 50 pages that were just different shades of gray.

This double layer of legitimacy provided former MELD user Jade the security she needed to give the app a try.

“It creates a safe atmosphere knowing that you’re amongst people like yourself and the way that they pull your information from Linked In makes it legitimate,” she said in an interview with For Harriet.

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“I try to be polite and I try to be decent in life, so I want to reply to everyone and say hello and thank you and see if we can set up a date,” he says.

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