Updating builder grade cabinets

Posted by / 07-Jan-2017 12:04

Updating builder grade cabinets

It can be extremely overwhelming trying to update an older home or one that is very builder basic.

There's not always money in the budget for expensive upgrades and sticking to a strict budget can sometimes be stressful.

He suggested that I add crown molding to the top of the cabinets and trim to the bottom to update them.

This is a great option that is pretty easy to do as a DIY project, and it offers a finished look, with some cottage character too.But I can’t imagine if we had gone through the painting process and not added the trim pieces because they are now my favorite part! You will instantly receive an email from Feed Burner and you will need to click the link to activate your subscription.Painted kitchen cabinets are still quite popular and so if you’re thinking about painting yours, consider adding some molding and trim to give it a more custom and contemporary look. We had to use a smaller piece in order for it to fit, but can you imagine what an impact crown would have if you have taller ceilings that can handle a larger, more dramatic piece?If I remember correctly, the trim around the bottom of the upper cabinets is actually two different pieces put together to create the right shape and angle.

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Here is the before (like so many peninsulas in the country): In this client kitchen redo, the homeowner was lucky to have a handy father who helped give her island a whole new look.